Newly Defined sells Antiques and Collectibles, Decor, Nostalgia, Art, Lifestyle and African Collectibles.

Established in 2001 and now located in Heidelberg, Western Cape, South Africa, the premises totals 800 square meters and is where Newly Defined has been located since 2013.

African Pickers was branded in 2011, allowing for a designated game plan to increase the inventory of antiques, collectibles and vintage goods.

Owner Glen Napier utilises his qualifications and experience in: Fitting & Turning, Interior Design, Project Management, Retail and Sales to execute the: Sourcing, Restoration, Design work and Manufacturing. This is a unique combination that functions systematically, creating the experience and the emporium that you do not want to miss out on.

#emporiumvannostalgia is open to the public or ‘view by appointment’ for clients travelling from far. The online store is very active, result to it being simple and uncluttered. Clients have the opportunity to make an offer on category items and it delivers a very personal experience, allowing direct contact with Glen from a simple viewing inquiry to invoicing and checking out.

It is evident and refreshing that Newly Defined has something to offer you, releasing a new perspective on what you believe is claimed to be old, new and desirable.

Newly Defined: “innovation is the process of putting together known elements in a different way to meet a Newly Defined need”.