no.1 On Trip Advisor, so I introduce to you “THE AUDACIOUS SOUTH AFRICAN SHOWCASE”

There are not many of ‘us’ here in #heidelbergwc and I am sure this post will bring on a few new #TripAdvisor listings for the town. SO – as it stands I will claim it and hopefully take some full advantage, thanks to and my position of being the no.1 attraction/things to do in Heidelberg Western Cape:

If you are reading this and have been to #newlydefined, bring on the reviews please?

… and this is why today I introduce t’ASAS – “THE AUDACIOUS SOUTH AFRICAN SHOWCASE”. I always say that the biggest perk in life is choice, ironically the first client to visit the #emporiumvannostalgia yesterday when I put t’ASAS on #thefloorspace commented “OMG what is that bleddi ugly green thing”, a pity that that was the first bit of commentary t’ASAS had to hear but the client had a choice to like it or not and so do you?

Albeit, I’m confident that t’ASAS will be very much liked and will too get the recognition and destination it deserves, even a #showcase has pursuit for happiness …

For more pics and specs, here we go:

The Audacious South African Showcase



Rustic Saturdays, Encouraged by a Hint of Art Deco

Rustic Saturdays, Encouraged by a Hint of Art Deco

Not sure if it is a shift in the trend and/or trends harvested by design desirability BUT I am very over the idea of ‘rustic furniture’, as some might too claim that it is recycled or up-cycled (yawn) .. it is all a very broad and varied inventory.

However, my theory and above-mentioned statement has left me mumbling to myself: “how can I not allow a piece so distinctive, individual, special, especial, idiosyncratic, quirky and eccentric to brag on #thefloorspace in the #emporiumvannostalgia”.

With that subtle hint of art deco pushing through in this very very unique and different Rustic Dresser Display Cabinet – I can’t help myself but to post it.

Boasting dimensions like: Width 70cm, depth 43cm, top height 123cm & an overall height of 179cm – and the locking/closing/decorative hardware … what is there not to like?

For more pics and info, go to:

Rustic Dresser Display Cabinet



The South African Half Moon Entryway Table

The SA Half Moon Entryway Table

So for some Friday innovation – I introduce to you: The South African Half Moon Entryway Table.

The focus has always been to introduce a few designer production pieces that would compliment the #emporiumvannostalgia.

Going into my 4th year, I compiled a comprehensive breakdown of/from my ‘sales history’ & ‘wants’ book and so it turned out that the ‘half moon’  took 1st prize.

Unfortunately research proved that the reproduction of the traditional 3 legged ball and claw half moon was not going to cut it. Deeper research showed me that hardly no one is manufacturing them, or at least not manufacturing one that is as slick, clean lined, functional, trendy and ergonomically designed as this one.

This concept of table has needed a new lease on life for a while now, as well as a reintroduction … and I am here to give it that – hence its name The South African Half Moon Entryway Table

So here it is – for more pics and specs go to:

The South African Half Moon Entryway Table



The retro Venetian blind Room-Divider, 1 March 2017.

So here is a comparison for you on this 1st day of March in 2017 ..Dressing /drɛsɪŋ/, noun: salad dressing.

A room-divider vs salad dressing…

RD (room-divider) & SD (salad dressing): the bigger, the choice of materials and ingredient results in a higher cost  – that’s an obvious.

Yes there are thousands of varieties and sometimes SD is completely unnecessary if you are eating a salad with a combo of other food types but even if it is a dash of vinaigrette it sure makes a salad and brings pleasure to your culinary experience, right?

Same as a RD, some spaces don’t need one but it can sure make the space even if it is only one panel, it is functional and if featured correctly it will not only enhance but also decorate your experience.

..and ironically but so true, the two share one very NB (important) thing ..  TASTE

Here are a few more varieties from my second favorite site:

and here are some more pics from my favorite site:

Venetian Blind Room-Divider

This ‘Venetian blind’ styled room divider folds out to a lengthy 205cm and stands at 188cm tall.

Based on the ever popular functional application of a medical screen/room divider – this is folds (stacks) into one and is easily mobile on 6 rubber ball caster wheels.



The South African ‘VAALJAPIE’ a Dun Jimmie

2016 ended with this little beauty landing on my floor, a real treat and a familiar face to the fascinating world of Tractor Legacy.

The Ferguson TE20 is an agricultural tractor designed by Harry Ferguson. By far his most successful design, it was manufactured from 1946 until 1956, and was commonly known as the Little Grey Fergie. It is light-weight but effective, and a popular collector’s item for enthusiasts today.

Commonly known in South Africa as the ‘Vaaljappie’ – a ‘dun Jimmie’!

… so did you know:

DUN: noun 1.a dull greyish-brown colour. or 2.a horse with a sandy or sandy-grey coat, black mane, tail, and lower legs, and a dark dorsal stripe.

…and in Hebrew the meaning of the name Jimmy is: Supplanter.

but I think we should stick to Vaaljappie ..

For more specs, go to:

or follow my link:

1952 Ferguson TEA 20 ‘VaalJapie’ Tractor




Saturday Fixtures, Croquet & its Mallets

When I was a kid, my aunt Gaynor used to pay R1 to the winner when we played a game of Croquet. Not just a lovely memory but it was a blast and such a cool game. That is why this can go down as one of the ‘special guys’, but then again what do I know!

Regardless of any explanation, description or crit –  here is this thing of beauty and mythical conversation that would rest comfortably in any balanced space, even a Croquet Hall of Fame…../

The earliest known reference to croquet in Scotland is the booklet The Game of Croquet, its Laws and Regulations which was published in the mid-1860s for the proprietor of Eglinton Castle, the Earl of Eglinton. On the page facing the title page is a picture of Eglinton Castle with a game of “croquet” in full swing.

Dims: (h x w x d) 185m x 91cm x 42cm

For more pics:

Croquet Display Unit




Medical Fridays

This medical washstand dates back to 1930, June the 6th ..according to this newspaper packed behind the mirror! I’m 99% positive that this date of ‘assembly & completion’ is correct, I had to replace the original mirror and you could notice that it was the first and only mirror it has ever had ..

Although it looks absolutely beautiful, the tap is ‘after-market’, as there would have been a basin with a drain hole and plug. Traditionally, water would be poured from a pitcher and the pitcher placed empty under the drain. When the patient was finished washing/brushing, the plug was pulled and the dirty water would drain out into the pitcher.

A beautiful piece with loads of patina and character – very unique and rare (stands 1.7m tall).

Here are some more pics:

Unique Medical Washstand


Pimping The Rickshaw

So after a little break from keeping up with weekly posts, I am back. So if you are reading this, I’m glad that you are so very excited …

The rickshaw was a project I started several months ago, it will remain a ‘shop item’ as it is the real deal in terms of attraction when parked out front. What is so cool about it is that it is never ‘completed’, the available and availability of accessories for rickshaws these days is incredible … who would have thought hey?

Just like a motor vehicle, as soon as it is out of motor plan .. accessorize. Like us humans too – out of motor plan = accessorize .. but let’s not get into that.

In closing: this is what you can expect to find here at Newly Defined #emporiumvannostalgia, hanging baskets and chairs is for the norm!



Port of The Good Light

Maybe it is just a phase that I am going through but I am doing loads of comparisons lately, my last was , an engine to the human body …!

As much as we can debate – to design or be a designer is an art, undoubtedly. It is also very much like a sport (or a sport): where natural gifted talent takes you some of the distance, hard work and determination takes you a little further and then it is a little place of harmony within that elevates you to & through the finish.

This is the ‘PORT of THE GOOD LIGHT’ and to me the name makes sense – that’s what counts. As a Newly Defined piece it exhibits absolute beauty, pure class and blissful meaning ……

For more pics go to:

Newly Defined, Port of The Good Light



Technical Wednesday – The Drafting Table

Is it Draft or Draught? turns out that when used as an adjective, the Americans decided to spell it ‘..augh’ but the true professor of English, Literature and Tappermanship (barman) in me says that Draught is beer served out of a keg and not a bottle or can …

Today wasn’t my intention to copy and paste from – BUT, should you have the understanding and passion for this ‘act’  as I do … then Wiki’s reference below gives it clarity & justice:

Technical drawing, also known as drafting or draughting, is the act and discipline of composing drawings that visually communicate how something functions or is to be constructed.

Technical drawing is essential for communicating ideas in industry and engineering. To make the drawings easier to understand, people use familiarsymbols, perspectives, units of measurement, notation systems, visual styles, and page layout. Together, such conventions constitute a visual language, and help to ensure that the drawing is unambiguous and relatively easy to understand. These drafting conventions are condensed into internationally accepted standards and specifications that transcend the barrier of language making technical drawings a universal means of communicating complex mechanical concepts.

For more pics:

Technical Drawing Table, 1970’s