The retro Venetian blind Room-Divider, 1 March 2017.

So here is a comparison for you on this 1st day of March in 2017 ..Dressing /drɛsɪŋ/, noun: salad dressing.

A room-divider vs salad dressing…

RD (room-divider) & SD (salad dressing): the bigger, the choice of materials and ingredient results in a higher cost  – that’s an obvious.

Yes there are thousands of varieties and sometimes SD is completely unnecessary if you are eating a salad with a combo of other food types but even if it is a dash of vinaigrette it sure makes a salad and brings pleasure to your culinary experience, right?

Same as a RD, some spaces don’t need one but it can sure make the space even if it is only one panel, it is functional and if featured correctly it will not only enhance but also decorate your experience.

..and ironically but so true, the two share one very NB (important) thing ..  TASTE

Here are a few more varieties from my second favorite site:

and here are some more pics from my favorite site:

Venetian Blind Room-Divider

This ‘Venetian blind’ styled room divider folds out to a lengthy 205cm and stands at 188cm tall.

Based on the ever popular functional application of a medical screen/room divider – this is folds (stacks) into one and is easily mobile on 6 rubber ball caster wheels.