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Newly Defined, Port of The Good Light


Newly Defined – Port of the Good Light

This is the Port of the Good Light and stands 2.2m tall, adjustable in vertical and horizontal but not in height.

Maybe it is just a phase that I am going through but I am doing loads of comparisons lately, my last was , an engine to the human body …!

As much as we can debate – to design or be a designer is an art, undoubtedly. It is also very much like a sport (or a sport): where natural gifted talent takes you some of the distance, hard work and determination takes you a little further and then it is a little place of harmony within that elevates you to & through the finish.

This is the ‘PORT of THE GOOD LIGHT’ and to me the name makes sense – that’s what counts. As a Newly Defined piece it exhibits absolute beauty, pure class and blissful meaning ……

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