Rustic Saturdays, Encouraged by a Hint of Art Deco

Rustic Saturdays, Encouraged by a Hint of Art Deco

Not sure if it is a shift in the trend and/or trends harvested by design desirability BUT I am very over the idea of ‘rustic furniture’, as some might too claim that it is recycled or up-cycled (yawn) .. it is all a very broad and varied inventory.

However, my theory and above-mentioned statement has left me mumbling to myself: “how can I not allow a piece so distinctive, individual, special, especial, idiosyncratic, quirky and eccentric to brag on #thefloorspace in the #emporiumvannostalgia”.

With that subtle hint of art deco pushing through in this very very unique and different Rustic Dresser Display Cabinet – I can’t help myself but to post it.

Boasting dimensions like: Width 70cm, depth 43cm, top height 123cm & an overall height of 179cm – and the locking/closing/decorative hardware … what is there not to like?

For more pics and info, go to:

Rustic Dresser Display Cabinet